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    Leeds United v Bristol City

    End of Final Half

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    Leeds United v Bristol City

    Welcome to Championship between Leeds United and Bristol City on 15 Feb 2020 at the Elland Road

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    Bristol City FC

    📋 Two hours 'til team news.
    ⚽️ Three hours 'til kick-off.

    Where will you be watching from? 👇

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    Bristol City FC

    Let's make it a noisy away day. 🎶

    1,200 #BristolCity fans joining us today, are you one of them? 🙌🚘

    #LEEBRC https://t.co/GY0WF5nyEK

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    Bristol City FC

    Long drive to Leeds? 🚘

    Have a listen to the new #BristolCity podcast featuring Korey Smith & Scott Murray! 👇

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    Have you seen this person in Leeds? BTP need your help:


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    Sky Sports Football

    Phil Thompson is expecting Leeds to get back on track and Fulham to cement their promotion charge, but who else is… https://t.co/Em12wXhyrK@Super6

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    Leeds MP Alex Sobel to be assessed for coronavirus after attending conference with infected patient: https://t.co/obmK8MJ3iB

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    Phil Hay

    🎧 Catch our latest #LUFC podcast on the way home. @TheSquareBall and I debate dairylea dunkers versus Yorkshire blu… https://t.co/b8nmRcu34Nhttps://t.co/712wUR95nC

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    Lee Sobot

    "They deserve to be there in a good position in the table. We have to mention they are in a good position."
    Plenty… https://t.co/Ix0IgWzrfx#lufchttps://t.co/TDf4GBHb1l

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    Graham Smyth

    Lee Johnson will hope he's managed to close the gulf in quality he saw between Bristol City and Leeds United on the… https://t.co/TKwdSmRkRIhttps://t.co/7QdCuyNs7j#lufc

  • 20 ' Goal

    Leeds United 2 - 0 Bristol City

    2 - 0 | goal against Bristol City

  • 16 ' Goal

    Leeds United 1 - 0 Bristol City

    1 - 0 | L. Ayling goal against Bristol City

  • 90 ' Yellow Card

    Leeds United v Bristol City

    Yellow Card - M. Klich (Leeds United)

  • 81 ' Yellow Card

    Leeds United v Bristol City

    Yellow Card - T. Kalas (Bristol City)

  • 58 ' Yellow Card

    Leeds United v Bristol City

    Yellow Card - C. O'Dowda (Bristol City)

  • 55 ' Yellow Card

    Leeds United v Bristol City

    Yellow Card - S. Dallas (Leeds United)

  • In Out

    Shackleton Jamie

    Hernandez Pablo

  • In Out

    Allarakhia Tarryn

    Bamford Patrick

  • In Out

    Bishop Teddy

    Eliasson Niclas