Watford v West Ham United - Football Live Photo Gallery

β€œ[Holebas] cannot miss the final for that reason. For that contact it is never, never a red card. He cannot miss th… https://t.co/vHIrgTfHXuhttps://t.co/MEOziMp05E.
2019-05-12 16:35:44
"And they said your legs were gone..." πŸ˜‚ https://t.co/HgxbZ5E8m3.
2019-05-12 16:30:00
He just keeps getting better and better! 😍 https://t.co/cUmwniPYkS.
2019-05-12 16:10:23
Three more award winners πŸ†

Dan Phillips ➑ Academy Player of the Season

@helenwardie10 ➑ @watfordfcladies Player o… https://t.co/AeF4TkYwMahttps://t.co/N6QkpRHKBJhttps://t.co/N6QkpRHKBJhttps://t.co/N6QkpRHKBJ.
2019-05-12 15:58:16
These two! ❀️ https://t.co/m0U93QiHwh.
2019-05-12 15:53:13
The perfect way to end the season! πŸ™Œ https://t.co/yI7s3CgnMp.
2019-05-12 15:50:00

#WATWHU 1-4 [FT] https://t.co/ZBt8guyNk1.
2019-05-12 15:49:57
Rice gets a standing ovation from the away end as he leaves the field. Another fantastic performance from our Young… https://t.co/OTPpX3LU#WATWHUhttps://t.co/iO8lODCFAnhttps://t.co/iO8lODCFAn.
2019-05-12 15:40:50
GOAL: Watford 1-4 West Ham

A Mark Noble compunds the misery for the FA Cup finalists.

2019-05-12 15:37:21
YES ARNIE!!!!!! https://t.co/D50ePmLAJ8.
2019-05-12 15:28:33
Well played, Manu! πŸ‘Š

#WATWHU 1-2 (66) https://t.co/CWwBEscXFU.
2019-05-12 15:25:15
GOAL: Watford 1-2 West Ham

Thirteen seconds into the second half and Watford are back in it.

Gerard Deulofeu with… https://t.co/hjZF4YWsQMhttps://t.co/6MLQ2mTStc#WATWHUhttps://t.co/yljscKtGGG.
2019-05-12 15:04:55
COME ON!!!!! https://t.co/I51wfyxHWE.
2019-05-12 15:03:09
Last 45 minutes of the season. Just more of the same please, lads! COME ON YOU IRONS!!

#WATWHU https://t.co/hITYGlqhAY.
2019-05-12 15:03:03
Our 2018/19 Community Ambassador of the Season is Adrian Mariappa! πŸ‘ https://t.co/n0pFcMZZ7C.
2019-05-12 14:49:56
We lead at the break thanks to a brilliant goal from the skipper and a Manu Lanzini header.

#WATWHU #COYI https://t.co/hkctaQfAAn.
2019-05-12 14:48:05
We trail at the break πŸ™

#WATWHU 0-2 [HT] https://t.co/q9TiWqTp8e.
2019-05-12 14:47:52
GOAL: Watford 0-2 West Ham

Minds on the FA Cup final for Watford?

Manuel Lanzini doubles West Ham's lead.

2019-05-12 14:41:56
AIN'T NOBODY https://t.co/MTbuBHq9QN.
2019-05-12 14:40:45
Fredericks has picked up a knock. Zaba is on to replace him.

#WATWHU 0-1 (26) https://t.co/teah3uNs0H.
2019-05-12 14:27:51
2019-05-12 14:24:25
GOAL: Watford 0-1 West Ham

What a goal.

Mark Noble beats three players before finishing smartly.

2019-05-12 14:16:40
WHAT A GOAL THAT WAS!!!!! https://t.co/3JktTBdoG3.
2019-05-12 14:15:33
Let's finish this season on a high! COME ON YOU IRONS!!

#WATWHU #COYI https://t.co/bYdQPKj2h5.
2019-05-12 14:01:00
2019-05-12 13:49:04
Where are you following #WATWHU from? 🌎

🎧 https://t.co/LcRxunGJMp https://t.co/1qccmqmXgl.
2019-05-12 13:45:00
"There's been very little talk about the final." πŸ—£πŸ†βŒ

@BenFoster #WATWHU https://t.co/QguxKhhiwE.
2019-05-12 13:35:00
It's nearly time for our penultimate game of an exciting season... πŸ‘πŸΌ

#WATWHU https://t.co/0zXlVItYA4.
2019-05-12 13:30:00
Javi when asked if he was tempted to make more than 2 changes... πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ

#WATWHU https://t.co/aWeqBIgZUe.
2019-05-12 13:20:00
Declan Rice and Felipe Anderson are back for our last game of the season! πŸ™Œβš’ https://t.co/ICI7NC8qOe.
2019-05-12 13:00:01

2⃣ changes to the line-up!

➑ Kabasele, Capoue
β¬… Mariappa, Chalobah

#WATWHU https://t.co/27kEa536EF.
2019-05-12 13:00:01
Final @premierleague game of the season...who makes your 1⃣1⃣?

#WATWHU https://t.co/tCiSnppTY8.
2019-05-12 12:30:00
Michail Antonio has scored more goals against Watford than any other club. Another one today please,…@Michailantonio2r1bC@BassetGold#GoldMomentshttps://t.co/JVdLRxH1Z0.
2019-05-12 12:15:00
Good luck to all at @wokingfc in your play-off final today! 🀞https://t.co/rAXY66y2oNN.
2019-05-12 12:00:00
Finishing touches πŸ–Œ

#WATWHU https://t.co/3fuRzBdis6.
2019-05-12 11:30:58
Frankly, who wouldn't want this @hdgomes poster on their wall?! πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈhttps://t.co/iVHNnJFdwRR.
2019-05-12 11:11:25
Our key player today will be ________

@PRSolicitors #COYI https://t.co/RfLMhLJDnw.
2019-05-12 11:00:00
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2019-05-12 10:30:00
Where in the world will you be cheering us on from today?! 🌎 https://t.co/wANFDtBbwu.
2019-05-12 10:00:00
Happy @T_Deeney Day! πŸ™Œ

Surely one of the greatest moments in football history? https://t.co/yFToUNOxnH.
2019-05-12 09:37:12
Happy @T_Deeney Day! πŸ™Œ

Surely one of the greatest moment's in football history? https://t.co/OyThGA9vms.
2019-05-12 09:36:04
What a season it’s been for our Hammer of the Year! βš’

@heroic__life #COYI https://t.co/3LXl3civFN.
2019-05-12 09:00:00
Last match of the season. COME ON YOU IRONS!! https://t.co/jv4rHdgsuR.
2019-05-12 07:00:00