#hometeam v #awayteam - Football Live Match Commentary

  • 🗣️ @LeroySane19: "The foul looked worse than it was, everything is fine with my ankle."

    #DieMannschaft #GERSRB 🇩🇪�https://t.co/bEG2b1U5LdU5Ld

  • Luka Jovic scored his first goal for Serbia, in his first start, vs Germany.

    Just the beginning. https://t.co/CI2IKknWPf

  • #DieMannschaft fight back to draw 1-1 with Serbia.

    Match report:
    https://t.co/3y91v4wl7Q #GERSRB🇩🇪�https://t.co/RlxOKY4l1s4l1s

  • Thank you for your support, #DieMannschaft fans! 👏🇩🇪#GERSRBRhttps://t.co/XMhl2ymU8E8E

  • The players that stood out for me tonight:

    Lazovic ✅
    Milenkovoc ✅
    Maksimovic ✅
    Jovic ✅

    We played quick… https://t.co/eP0jzX0ZH5

  • Bogosavac tried his best but he deffinetly looked like a Superliga left back out there tonight. Most of the German… https://t.co/lzHnlUlTTu

  • Serbia-Germany ends 1-1. We cant be unhappy with that performance, we fought hard all match and earned the draw. We… https://t.co/oDGjKuS1AJ

  • Only a draw, but plenty of positives. 👍

    Next up: 🇳🇱

    ⏱#DieMannschaftft 🇩🇪🇷�https://t.co/t9pBoRbZZooRbZZo

  • Only a draw, but plenty of positives. 👍

    Next up: 🇳🇱

    ⏱️ (90'#DieMannschaftft #🇩🇪🇷�https://t.co/NlEy7SqVgT7SqVgT

  • Marko Dmitrovic is having one hell of a game in goal. Clear #1.

  • 1-1 Germany. The equalizer was coming.

  • Darko Lazovic ⚡⚡⚡that speed is a difference maker.

  • Double change for #DieMannschaft at the break:

    @mterstegen1 & @woodyinho ➡️
    @Manuel_Neuer & @kaihavertz29 ⬅️

    ⏱️ (… htt#GERSRBco/id5gEKfhttps://t.co/VtbXzi0Jmu

  • Hopefully that Ljajic sitter miss doesnt come back to haunt us. Germany will push hard tor a goal in the 2nd half.

  • 1-0 Serbia at HT. That was a solid half all things considered. We deffiently got lucky a couple times but all in al… https://t.co/xUDJYMpNnM

  • Germany trail at the break.

    ⏱️ (45') #DieMannschaft #GERSRB 🇩🇪🇷🇸 https://t.co/q26f8ejoyHjoyH

  • How has that not gone in? 😳

    #DieMannschaft break brilliantly down the right but Dmitrovic denies Werner at point-b… https://t.co/yYeRbfET#DieMannschaft#GERSRB

  • We are showing some great speed and skill on these counters.Lazovic ie a bullet! just need more of the ball.

  • Powerful break through the middle, but Timo Werner couldn't get enough power this time.

    ⏱️ (22') #DieMannschaft…#GERSRB//t.co/5Nihttps://t.co/391l9VyDCG

  • Luka Jovic heads Serbia in front with their first dangerous attack.

    ⏱️ (12') #DieMannschaft #GERSRB 🇩🇪🇷🇸 0-1