#hometeam v #awayteam - Football Live Match Commentary

  • Every Reds fan at that exact moment. 🤣🙌

    Is right, Robbo. 💪https://t.co/Hw9li4SgQvv

  • Scouser. ✊🔴 https://t.co/YRTQRfsRGZ

  • Klopp also says the wind helped Liverpool second half.

  • 🧘‍♂️https://t.co/2BCJCDSWtaa

  • Maurizio Sarri has arrived for his post-match press conference. He says we stayed in the match and were a little bi… https://t.co/g7qG4jjjG4#LIVCHEhttps://t.co/LMlQl7yTGN

  • Sarri: "Of course Liverpool is one of the best teams in Europe at this moment"

  • Great goals. Big result. 😍

    Our #LIVCHE match report, full of stunning stats. 💪

  • Watch Magdalena Eriksson score a "cruel" injury-time own goal to gift Man City a 1-0 win against Chelsea the Women'… #FACup//t.co/jFTmJcraMfhttps://t.co/KOrR4NYrYt#mcfc#cfchttps://t.co/QGxBJ9Z3fG

  • Klopp on Andy Robertson slip on afternoon of Chelsea chants about Gerrard slip: "Now we can slip without anything serious happening"

  • 66 - Since the start of last season, Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah has scored more goals in all competitions than any o… https://t.co/nqf9j4FZ0J#LIVCHEhttps://t.co/YyFbZ7e96X

  • 26 - This was Liverpool’s 26th Premier League victory of the season, equalling their record from the 2013-14 campai… https://t.co/3CwkGEgNb5#LIVCHEhttps://t.co/l6MjGWJQp2

  • Liverpool display their impressive endurance again, as Henderson displays his run-in influence again


  • SCENES at full-time. 🙌

    THE REDS. 🔴🔴 https://t.co/9t6lcna8Eh

  • BRILLIANT assist.
    GREAT celebration.

    Class, @JHenderson. 🙌 https://t.co/xw7aVfPBse

  • 🔝 A quickfire brace sees Liverpool beat Chelsea at Anfield for the first time since 2012 and reclaim top spot from… https://t.co/oLEBfcMsU0#Fortress#LIVCHEhttps://t.co/aA9ABTBupF

  • Liverpool and Man City have both already amassed more points, before Easter, than seven previous Premier League cha… https://t.co/DJJuqkxyZ4

  • ✊✊✊ Massive #LFC https://t.co/lOcONf4EeB

  • Liverpool win it thanks to a three-minute impression of Liverpool from last season, and despite a five-minute homag… https://t.co/6T58BJTLZg