#hometeam v #awayteam - Football Live Match Commentary

  • Superb technique from Fletcher! Lees plays in the box and Fletcher's overhead volley hits the back of the net!!

    [3-0] #swfcLIVE

  • 📸 Five minutes of the first half remaining..

    [2-0] #swfcLIVE https://t.co/QIPxWevNs3

  • 📸 Reach is scoring goals!

    Fantastic so far from Wednesday

    [2-0] #swfcLIVE https://t.co/il4U3KiY4w

  • Aarons again with the cross, Swansea fail to clear and Reach drills low past the keeper!

    [2-0] #swfcLIVE

  • A second for Reach! #swfcLIVE https://t.co/D3wIvtVbh1

  • 26 | Big chance for the visitors as Westwood keeps out James from a narrow angle after good work from Celina

    [1-0] #swfcLIVE

  • 23 | Bannan with a dangerous cross into the middle, Fletcher gets the header on target but it's straight at Nordfeldt

    [1-0] #swfcLIVE

  • 📸⚽️ | Goal number 8⃣ of the season for @AdamReach #swfcLIVE https://t.co/gyI9EMZL65

  • 📸 Owls on the front foot at Hillsborough, we've played 17 minutes

    [1-0] #swfcLIVE https://t.co/8n1Nko3oE4

  • 16 | Hector makes a key tackle right at the last as McBurnie was set to pull the trigger inside the area

    [1-0] #swfcLIVE

  • 14 | Wednesday have settled into the game so well.. Bannan finds Palmer out in acres of space on the right, the ful… https://t.co/PZoi7U65MM#swfcLIVE

  • Great football in the build-up, Aarons played right into the path of Reach who kept his cool to fire past Nordfeldt… https://t.co/k81sR7NIKQ#swfcLIVE

  • Lovely finish! What a start from Wednesday this has been! #swfcLIVE https://t.co/L1tmDqrV7f

  • 10 | Superb from Lazaar, he read the pass and made an interception deep in Swansea's half before delivering a dange… https://t.co/v3b5gd6JvZ#swfcLIVE

  • 2 | Reach swings an early ball into the box, Fletcher meets the ball in the middle but heads over the bar.. Good wo… https://t.co/VcA3SbnH6f#swfcLIVE

  • ⚽️ | We are underway at Hillsborough...

    💻 Match Centre LIVE! 👉 https://t.co/AIHuJxgorF

    🔵 0 - 0 🔶 | @SkyBetChamp https://t.co/y4YxG4PaH0

  • And we're underway! #swfcLIVE https://t.co/78YQRTOLie

  • Come on Wednesday! #swfcLIVE https://t.co/bTYmlKUSzb

  • Here we go! 💪 https://t.co/RYOknNFWDJ