#hometeam v #awayteam - Football Live Match Commentary

  • FT: ICTFC 1-2 RCFC https://t.co/ClNBhZZaHs

  • 90. ICTFC 1-2 RCFC

    Joe Chalmers's free-kick is caught by Fox at the second attempt

  • 90. ICTFC 1-2 RCFC

    Late tackle from Kelly as he picks up a yellow card

  • 90. ICTFC 1-2 RCFC

    Three minutes added

  • 89. ICTFC 1-2 RCFC

    Rain hammering down here at the Caledonian Stadium

  • Sub for @ICTFC: Anthony MacDonald comes on for Carl Tremarco #ICTFC

  • 83. ICTFC 1-2 RCFC

    Joe Chalmers booked

  • 82. ICTFC 1-2 RCFC

    Shaun Rooney booked for throwing the ball away

  • 80. ICTFC 1-2 RCFC

    Polworth and Austin link up well but Austin's final pass is just cut out.

  • 76. ICTFC 1-2 RCFC

    Jamie McCart booked for a late challenge on Graham

  • 74. ICTFC 1-2 RCFC

    Josh Mullin fires one wide for County

  • Sub for @ICTFC: Shaun Rooney replaces Brad McKay #ICTFC

  • Sub for @ICTFC: Nathan Austin is subbed on for Tom Walsh

  • Sub for @RossCounty: Brian Graham comes on for Danny Armstrong.

  • 66. ICTFC 1-2 RCFC

    Effort from Tom Walsh is collected by Fox

  • 66. ICTFC 1-2 RCFC

    Josh Mullin powers one just wide of the post.

  • 65. ICTFC 1-2 RCFC

    White unhappy as ICTFC should've had a corner as his shot was deflected behind but the referee gives a goal kick.

  • 55. ICTFC 1-2 RCFC

    Quick break from ICT as Doran finds Walsh, the winger cuts inside and his effort bounces wide of the post.

  • 52. ICTFC 1-2 RCFC

    Jamie Lindsay hits the crossbar from close range for County

  • 50. ICTFC 1-2 RCFC

    Dangerous ball from Walsh is inches past the post after Van Der Wegg got a touch on it but it's… https://t.co/az6ohqhIEE